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From Reginald Martin,

January 23, 2024

Hey Family,

If you've been following me online for the last few weeks, you know that Kametaphysics is the best way to harness inner wisdom to overcome limiting beliefs and negative programming.

Thousands of people all around the world are using Kametaphysics to finally live life authentically, unapologetically, and on their terms without guilt or shame.

And starting out this year I teach a small group of people how to do just that.

Not only that, but I'll personally be there to answer questions and help you when you get stuck.

This is the closest thing to having me mentor you.

Here's Exactly What You're Getting

This one-year program is a premium educational journey, meticulously structured into four distinct modules. Each module unfolds over a quarter, spanning 12 weeks and delivering weekly units that offer rich, in-depth lessons to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Experience the luxury of lifetime access to our expertly crafted digital lessons, enabling you to revisit and refine your knowledge at your own leisure.

Module #1

Reshaping Core Beliefs with Kemetic Philosophy and the Soul's Journey (Weeks 1-12)

  • Discover Your True Essence: Embark on a journey of self-discovery, rewriting those core beliefs that have held you back. It's time to shed the feelings of unworthiness and step into your divine essence. Ready to meet the real you?

  • Types Of People And Patterns Show Up For A Reason: Ever wondered why certain patterns keep repeating in your life? Discover how overcoming strong emotional ties can liberate you from certain reincarnation cycles. Ready to break free?

  • Learn Why NOT Overcoming Strong Negative Emotional Ties Is Paramount To Freeing You From Certain Reincarnational Cycles

  • Learning Through Reincarnational Existences: Understand how reincarnational existences help you expand your consciousness, break away from limitations, and grow mentally and spiritually.

  • Embark on an enlightening journey: Rooting your knowledge in the ancient Kemetic framework and uncovering wisdom that brings a crystal-clear understanding to light.

  • Gain A Profound Understanding Of Fundamental Kametaphysics principles: Dive deep into profound concepts like 'Mentalism,' 'As above, so below,' and 'Mind Science.' These aren't just theories - they're tools to shape your reality and boost your confidence. Believe it yet? You truly can achieve ANYTHING!

Once we've covered these foundations...

Module #2

Love, Relationships, Soul Contracts, and Reincarnation Journey's  and Kametaphysics (Weeks 13-24)

  • Life Between Lives: Did You Know That You Chose To Be Here and The Major Players In Your Major Life Events?

  • Pre-Life Deal Making: Learn About Soul Contracts and How You Can Rewrite Them

  • The Reason Why You Chose This Life: Gain A Deeper Understanding About "Life Themes" to bring clarity and direction to your life

  • The Cost of Accepting Dogma: Ever wondered how some beliefs sneak into our system only to make us vulnerable? Let's uncover how our belief system can be manipulated and learn to fortify ourselves against those who don't deserve us. Ready to reclaim your power?

  • Your Energy And Karma: Gain A Deep Understanding Of The Laws That Keep You Circling The Same Souls Through Multiple Lifetimes and How You Can Break The Cycle In This Life!

  • Simple Tools And Processes: Learn A Simple Technique To Figure Out The Major Reasons You Incarnated In This Life And The Lessons You NEED to grasp to break they cycle

  • And There's So Much More! Ready to delve deeper into life, love, and everything in between? Let's unravel the mysteries of relationships and create a life you love."

  • This Module Will Be So Freeing Mentally and Emotionally!

Next up, we'll dive deep into...

Module #3

Money Mindset Makeover: The Science of Abundance Through Kametaphysics (Weeks 25-36)

  • Embrace the journey towards financial abundance, casting aside your struggles and fears, and believe in the empowering truth that making money can be a seamless part of your life's story.

  • Uncover Subconscious Programs: Dive deep into the science of beliefs, uncovering how to dismantle the limiting thoughts that hold you back from abundance in every aspect of your life!

  • Keep It Simple and Uncomplicated: Gain Knowledge of a simple ancient Metaphor that will Help You Make A Rapid Shift In Your Mindset for Maximum Positive Effect In Your Life!

  • Learn Metacognition: Uncover Those Hidden Limiting Beliefs That Frame Your Thoughts In Ways That Sabotage Your Abundance And Money!

  • Systematic Tools and Processes: Let's Teach You Some Tools That Develop Skills To Manifesting What You Desire Consistently!

  • Shatter Limiting Beliefs Around Money: Discover a simple yet powerful mindset that will shatter any barriers standing between you and a life of abundance!

  • Learn How Manifesting Is A Process and Not An Event So That It Becomes A Natural Part Of How You Operate Life

  • If You Have Ever Felt Limited By Money, Love, Confidence or Whatever, This Module Will Lay a Foundation of Principles That Will Help You Develop Skills For Abundance In All Areas!

Finally, you'll learn how to put everything together...

Module #4

Unleashing the Power of Sacred Sensual Alchemy and Energy Manifestation with Kametaphysics (Weeks 37-48)

  • Challenging The Unhealthy 'Norms' Around Sexuality: With Kametaphysics, you're not just embarking on a self-discovery journey; you're delving into the potent world of Sexual Intimacy and Energy Manifestation, challenging societal norms, and unveiling the profound mysteries of energy manifestation.

  • How Did Sex Come To Be Seen As 'Naughty?'
    Discover the historical origins of sexual taboos and learn how to overcome the negative programming associated with sexuality!

  • Overcome Emotional Barriers: Address and overcome guilt and shame associated with sexuality. This emotional liberation will allow for a free flow of sexual energy, leading to personal growth and powerful manifestations

  • Unlock the Cosmic Orgasmic Creation Science: Grasp the transformative power of orgasms and their role in supercharging your manifestations!

  • Practical Empowerment: Engage in practical exercises and create personalized Cosmic Energy Manifestation rituals that resonate with your unique energy signature, accelerating your manifestation capabilities.

  • Harmonic Intimacy Creation: Understand the connection between sexual energy and manifestation, realizing how this potent energy can be harnessed to manifest your desires.

  • Ma'at And Intimate Energy Alignment: Men and Women learn how to balance your masculine and feminine energies, fostering inner harmony and boosting your manifestation potential.

  • And More!

But that's not all!

I've also decided to include 5 FREE bonuses worth $9,491 total to help you be bold, balanced, and confident on your journey.

So not only are you getting the course,

you're going through the course and getting support.

I want to make sure everyone that joins gets results. And because of that I've decided to go above and beyond by adding all of these free bonuses.

You Also Get X FREE Bonuses Worth $9,491 Total


12 x Monthly Peer Coaching Community Mastermind Zoom Calls

(Value: $6,000)

  • Peer Coaching Group Mastermind Zoom Calls:

    Connect with me and the collective wisdom of the community.

  • Collective Wisdom: Benefit from the shared knowledge and experiences of a high-achieving peer group.

  • Tailored Guidance: Get personalized advice and strategies to further your understanding of Kametaphysics.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals within the affluent community.

  • In-depth Insights: Delve deeper into Kametaphysics with industry experts leading the coaching sessions.

  • Advanced Techniques: Learn advanced techniques exclusive to our group mastermind sessions.

  • Progress Tracking: Monitor your growth through live feedback from me and peers.

  • All recorded: just in case you can't make one!

Now that all your questions are answered you're also getting...


Complimentary Access to the KCL Content Stack
a three-tiered educational approach to empower your life.

for 12 Months

(Value: $1497)

  • Dive deeper into your spiritual exploration with complimentary access to the KCL Content Stack, a vast library of additional courses and video content. This bonus alone is worth more than your entire investment, but it's yours absolutely free for the first year.

  • Freedom from Indoctrination: Break free from limiting beliefs and dogmas with the help of Kemetic Spiritual Science. liberate your mind and spirit from the constraints of conventional religious thought.

  • Access Original Wisdom: Tap into the original wisdom that was transformed into religious dogma. Gain the knowledge that will act as a beacon, guiding you towards your true north.

  • Align with Positive Beliefs: Align your life with positive beliefs, boosting your intuition, providing clarity, and giving direction to your life purpose. Trust yours to build a life aligned with your highest values.

  • Harmonize Your Inner and Outer Worlds: Experience a transformation that harmonizes your inner and outer worlds. Live authentically and unapologetically on your terms, free from guilt or shame.

  • Simplicity and Clarity: The unique simplicity and clarity of our three-layered system offers an enlightening journey, breaking down complex concepts into digestible, actionable steps. Experience the profound simplicity of divine wisdom.

And on top of this, I'm giving you...


Lifetime Access To The Course On Esoteric Knowledge and Symbolism Called
"Remember Who You Are: Healing Religious Wounds With Kemetic Wisdom"

(Value: $497)

  • Unlock Your Creativity: Esoteric knowledge will unlock your unique creativity, expanding your consciousness. Break free from societal norms and express yourself confidently in your chosen field, be it business, medicine, art, or science. Tap into your divine ability to create with renewed vigor

  • Decode Life's Mysteries: Equip yourself with the wisdom to decode life's symbols and mysteries. Seek esoteric knowledge to gain a deeper understanding of your world and beyond.

  • Interpret Your Dreams: Become adept at interpreting dream symbols. Tap into your subconscious mind and inner creativity, becoming more innovative and leading-edge in your field. Your dreams are not just flights of fancy; they are messages waiting to be deciphered.

  • Awaken Your Intuition: By learning the 'secret sauce' to decoding ancient symbols, you'll enhance your intuition and innovation. This ancient esoteric knowledge, will be your guide, helping you tap into your creative side more effectively.

  • Heal Unreachable Areas of Your Psyche: Esoteric knowledge will provide the tools to navigate the labyrinth of your consciousness, healing areas previously thought unreachable. Use this knowledge to bring wholeness to your psyche, breaking free from any mental or emotional chains.

  • This course will help you develop confidence in your inner world of Ma'at!

And finally, to help you get results faster...


Life Time Access To The Course
"African Spirituality Before Christianity: The Ultimate Guide"

(Value: $297)

  • Exciting, benefit-driven and curiosity inciting bullet points, you can use formulas like the following:

  • The #1 trick to achieve _______

  • A little known method I've used to ______

  • The "Weird Name" Technique: How To Achieve {Outcome}

  • How To Achieve {Another Outcome} Without {Another Downside}

  • The secret to _____

  • 7 Techniques to ______

  • The brand-new way I achieve {outcome}

And finally, You get join a community of like minded, positive, high vibrational individuals for life!


Life Time Access To
The Kemetic Centered Living Online Community

(Value: $1200)

  • Community of Like-Minded Individuals: As you embark on your spiritual journey, find solace in a supportive network of individuals who understand your experiences and share your quest for self-discovery. This community will provide the necessary emotional support as you navigate your new path.

  • Broaden Your Spiritual Understanding: Engage in enlightening discussions within the community that foster personal growth and expand your understanding of ancient Kemetic spiritual ideas. This platform serves as a springboard to delve deeper into the mysteries of life, broadening your perspectives and enhancing your spiritual awareness.

  • Accountability in Practice: Maintain consistency in your new spiritual practices by finding accountability partners within the community. Their shared commitment to growth and spiritual evolution will keep you motivated and focused on your journey.

  • Guidance from Experienced Members: Benefit from the wisdom of more experienced members who can provide personalized guidance based on their journey and insights. Their mentorship will illuminate your path, helping you navigate the complexities of your spiritual journey with ease.

  • Healing Through Shared Experiences: Connect with others who have undergone similar experiences of religious transition. The empathy and understanding within this community provide a safe space for healing, allowing you to move past previous religious traumas and embrace your spiritual evolution.

  • In your pursuit of truth, you may often find yourself walking a solitary path. But remember, you are not alone. With Kemetic Centered Living, you step into an expansive community of fellow seekers. The value is truly priceless!


That's a massive package designed to help you redefine your core beliefs so that you can break free from limiting negative mental programs.

It's all you need for Emotional Resilience ...and it's a massive step towards personal fulfilment.

And you're getting it all for free when you enroll in Kametaphysics: Soul Level Operating System today.

If that's all you need to know, click below and enroll in Kametaphysics: Soul Level Operating System and get instant access to 5 FREE bonuses worth $9,491.00.

Here's What To Do Next

If you want help to gain inner clarity and confidence, simply click on the link below, fill out the form with your details, and complete your purchase.

Enrollment in Kametaphysics: Soul Level Operating system costs costs $870 one-time.

Put this into the context of Therapy that can cost $5,000 or more per year.

Or because you didn't have the confidence to go after the job you wanted that pays $20,000 a year more than what you are getting now!

That's the true cost of this Program if you don't do it! Lost opportunity for not one year, but for a lifetime!

But the way I see it, this is not an expense but an investment in yourself.

If you don't have that all saved up, you can pay $97 per month for 12 months.

gaining the ability to Overcome Negative Emotions can have tremendously positive ripple effects on your life.

If you'd like to join the next cohort, click below and enroll in Kametaphysics: Soul Level Operating System and get instant access to X FREE bonuses worth $9,491.00.

Here's What Happens After That

Once you've filled out the form at the bottom of this page, you'll receive an email with your login details.

From there, you'll have 24/7 access to all the course materials and can go through everything at your own pace.

That means you can start self-discovery, which will enhance personal fulfillment, and develop insight that brings you clarity whether it's early in the morning or late at night, weekdays or weekends.

You have complete flexibility and control over when and how you learn.

And you'll also get access to your 5 free bonuses worth $9,491.00 that will help you remove doubts and fears even faster.

And if you ever need any help or support, you can plug into peer coaching.

Here's the best part:

You'll be plugged into a community of like-minded people.

You can join my Peer Coaching Mastermind calls, where I personally answer your questions and help you out.

And don't worry ...each live peer coaching call is recorded and accessible in your member area even if you can't join us live.

Time Is A Factor

Enrollment in Kametaphysics: Soul Level Operating System only opens Once a year.

Each class only has space for around 100 people, to make sure I'm able to provide you with the support and help you need to gain inner clarity, confidence, and emotional balance.

This means, now is the time to creating life on your terms authentically and unapologetically!

Registration is open until midnight on Tuesday, January 23 or until all available spots are taken.


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